Xinjiang residents share stories with representatives in Indonesia

(Xinhua) 14:37, November 19, 2021

URUMQI, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- Residents from northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region shared their life experiences with representatives in Indonesia via video link Thursday.

Jointly held by the Xinjiang regional government and China's Embassy in Indonesia, the online meeting had a number of Xinjiang residents, including workers, religious believers, and students, to share their personal stories. They also talked about topics regarding equal employment rights, and freedom of religion, among others.

Jawlan Mamattursun is a Xinjiang student who has participated in a dance performance featuring various elements from different ethnic minority groups. The performance recently won a national award.

"Our performance got a round of applause and received praise, refuting the 'cultural genocide' claims," said Jawlan Mamattursun.

"The online exchange meeting is conducive to our mutual understanding, and deepening of our friendship and cooperation," said Tohti Yaqup, an official with the regional people's congress, at the event. 

(Web editor: Shi Xi, Liang Jun)


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